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22nd of October 2018
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The Virtual 57th Wing is an enthusiast-class organization focused on employing realistic tactics and technics insofar as the simulators and associated platforms we support permit us to do so. The operations of this organization perpetuate at the discretion of the administrative members, and the collective voting power of the wing's extended membership. These rules apply to both our members and guests.

1. Language intended to offend another member on any basis will not be tolerated and will be grounds for expulsion.

2. Discord chat channels are not permitted for extended tactic, technic, or procedural discussions. These discussions should be limited to either voice channels or an appropriate forum on our website.

3. Debate and disagreements are healthy and welcome and are a normal part of growth. Flame wars and endless arguing will not be permitted.

4. Adhere to all tactical training guidance as prescribed. If you believe the tactic, technique, or procedure is problematic, express this to the appropriate administrative member, do not resolve on your own to ignore the guidance and documentation. Ignoring the organization's guidance may be grounds for expulsion.
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